We help our clients recognise their intangible assets as business assets. All forms of intangible assets have certain properties enabling their identification. You have been building up these assets while you have been building your business - data, code, know-how, branding such as trademarks and content, trade secrets, and inventions. Depending upon your situation, if you are selling your business or making an acquisition, our mission is to make clear the business' position, unlocking value and determing risk. On the other hand, you may be considering entering a new market. We can help you understand your competition and help you protect your competitive advantages. Certain of your intangible assets may be core, others not core, which may present opportunities for transfer and a new cash flow. As a next step, you might consider installing innovation management software. Another facet of our mission is to help you cultivate your company's competitive advantages by building an innovation and IP culture.

10 Common Issues for Planning Your Audit

  • IP Terms of Agreements such as Employee Agreements & 3rd Party Agmts (i.e. Open Source Licenses, Consulting, Vendee/Vendor Agreements)
  • Data, Confidential Info, Know-How & Accreditations
  • Trade Secrets Protection (i.e. Employee On/Off-boarding, Premises and Systems Configurations)
  • Branding: Trademarks, Trade Dress, Content (Copyright), Design Registrations
  • Domains and Trademarks on Social Media Platforms
  • Inventions (Patents)
  • Competitors’ Registered IP Rights (IPR) Landscapes
  • EMDG and R&D Expense Accounting
  • IP Culture and Asset Management
  • Valuation

Who Should be Involved in your IP Audit?

  • Company Management
  • IP Manager
  • Legal Counsel
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Production
  • R & D
  • Human Resources

Services That We Offer

  • Inventory Your IP and Other Intangible Assets (Ownership)
  • Update Contracts
  • Plan an IP Strategy
  • Assess IP Risks
  • Install and Track an Innovation Management System
  • Install and Maintain an IP Asset Management System
  • Determine Infringement of IP
  • Manage Litigation
  • Patents, Design Registrations and Trade Marks Procurement
  • Employee IP/Innovation Education
  • Asset Valuation
  • Asset Commercialisation
  • Act as In-House Counsel


"IP and other intangible assets are the backbone of a company. Managed well, they can create opportunities for wealth building and for further innovation."
Paula Natasha Chavez, Knowledge Law Offices


Paula holds a Bachelor of Arts, Physics, with a minor in Debate from UCLA and a JD from Loyola Law School. She was licensed to practise law in California in 1990, and registered to practise before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), as a US patent attorney since 1991. She is licensed to practice law in Australia since 2014 and was recently registered as an Australian Patent Attorney. Paula has had substantial experience in US, European and Australian IP law practice, as well as counselling on innovation, IP creation and commercialisation.

Seminars to Help Your Business Engage in the Worldwide Knowledge-Based Economy

  • Intangible Assets Topics
  • How to Write a Patent
  • How to Build an Innovation and IP Culture